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Playdough Stamps- Dinosaur
Playdough Stamps- Dinosaur

Playdough Stamps- Dinosaur

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Do you have an early learner who is interested in the prehistoric age of dinosaurs?  Well, look no further as we have the perfect playdough accessories for your little one. Let your child's creativity and imagination flourish with a set of our Dinosaur themed playdough stamps.

Perfectly cut to suit the mastery of little hands, our Dinosaur playdough stamps come in a set of x4 stamps and measure 6cm wide.

Included in the Dinosaur set are:

  1. x4 Playdough Stamps- T-Rex, stegosaurus, triceratops, diplodocus.
  2. x1 themed figurine/accessory 
  3. Packaged in a handy storage box

Our Dinosaur stamps are crafted using a solid mdf base and the detailed engraving on the premium birch stamp topper provides the coolest imprints into the playdough.

Pair your stamp set with a jar or two of our all natural, no nasties playdough and watch your early learner enjoy the complete package. See our separate listing under Educational and then 'Playdough' for the complete range.


Ordering your Dinosaur Playdough Stamps are as easy as:

1.  Select the number of SETS you require in the dropdown menu provided under QTY.

All of our playdough stamps are handcrafted in our Melbourne based studio.

We ship Australia wide.


PLEASE NOTE: The themed figurine/accessory is chosen at random and may differ from the image shown in product photographs.