How to take control of your wedding plans during ISO times- what you CAN control now.

Planning a wedding at the best of times is stressful enough then BOOM the world goes and throws us this pandemic curve ball.

Your dream late Autumn wedding with 100 smiling guests- most of them local, some from interstate and a scattered few were flying in from overseas, was booked. You had locked in; your venue, photographer, celebrant and hair/ make up. Final touches on dresses and suits were almost due.

Screw you pandemic, you certainly stuffed that up. Next minute, no gatherings allowed and your dream day is thrown into a tail spin. Event Cancelled.

Well, emotions aside, let's turn this into a positive.

TIME: Now you have plenty of it. Now is time to organise the little bits and pieces that you would have left to the last minute. You are no longer running between final cake testings, you aren't stressed about final fittings and your mother in law- to be isn't on your case as to why you didn't invite her friend from golf to your own wedding. Relatable hey?

Lets start talking wedding accessories and decor. Now you have time to investigate, do your research and purchase those meaningful final touches to your dream day. And, it will come.This world sh!t storm will pass eventually.


Let's take a look at our personalised wedding coat hangers here at Willow & Belle. They are inexpensive, personalised, ideal for both women and men in the bridal party and make a gorgeous photography prop for when your big day does come around. Available in a white, natural and black, with a range of font colours- why wouldn't you? They make such a sweet keepsake.

Why don't you check them out here at



Plan to wow your guests with your 'Welcome to our Wedding' entrance signage. At Willow & Belle we have your traditional colour acrylic signage but also a large range of funky statement colours. Combine these with your choice of font colour and you will have an entrance piece you will fall in love with.



Our personalised acrylic guest signing boards provide a modern alternative to your traditional guestbooks. Guests are able to write their well wishes/ messages of congratulations using a permanent marker suitable for gloss acrylic surfaces.

Our personalised acrylic guest signing boards also double up as a beautiful keepsake to remember all your family and friends that shared in your special day.


Now that you have time on your hands, check out for our other wedding accessories and decor items. 

Life will return to almost 'normal' and your big day will even more special.

Keep the faith and stay safe x



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